The firehouse began as the Glassboro Hose and Ladder Company, which was organized on September 29, 1894. The above image is a color postcard of the Glassboro Fire House. The photo shows a ladder wagon and horse-drawn hose carts.

The original firehouse was located between Academy and Main Street. The firehouse location was later moved to the corner of High and Academy Streets, where it is currently located. This location previously housed the Whitney Glass Works Grist and Saw Mill.

This postcard shows the second firehouse created in Glassboro, which was built on July 19, 1910. The first firehouse was completed in November 1895 and was located on High Street next to the Reading Railroad freight station. The first firehouse was contracted by Charles C. Ware and the second was contracted by his son, Frank C. Ware.

In addition to fighting fire, the firehouse also presented theater productions in Association Hall where local actors performed. They held these performances in order to raise money. In 1908, the firehouse also had a ladies auxiliary to help them financially. The ladies auxiliary gathered 40 local children that performed the show "Tom Thumb Wedding" on November 10, 1908, and the show was one of the firehouse's, and Glassboro's, most successful productions. The firehouse also held an annual carnival to raise funds, although this tradition ended in 1953.

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