Methodist Protestant Church

The Methodist Protestant Church was organized on March 13, 1829. There was only 14 members in the beginning of this Church’s history. This Church was the third Church established in Glassboro. This church was apparently created as a protest movement, who found little merit in the typical ceremonies held by the other churches in town, the Episcopalians and the Methodist Episcopal Church. Reverend Thos. Pierson was the first to preach the gospel at this church in Glassboro.

On October 8, 1839, Reverend James Abbott, Abram Simmerman, John Simmerman, S.H. Stanger, and Isaac Sharp purchased 34-100 acres in order to build this church. In 1840 the Church was dedicated as the “Ebenezer Methodist Protestant Church.” The total cost for the lot, building, and furniture only came to be $846.43.

In the 1980's, lightening struck the steeple, and it was removed. This church is now the Trinity Bible Church.

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