Bethlehem United Church

The Bethlehem United Church was built in 1860 and still stands at the corner of Union and South Main Street at 137 S. Main Street in Glassboro. The building's map coordinates are 39.698674, -75.113093. The camera used to capture the above photograph was facing south. Below are additional photos of the church including recent interior photos.

The first congregation of this church was formed in 1859. Many of the men working in the glass shops were of German descent, which is why a church of this faith was likely built in Glassboro. 

By 1900, the church had over 100 members and an active Sunday school for younger members. By 1955, the church experienced steady growth and needed to be renovated after almost a century of service. The interior received a complete renovation, the outside was given a new front entrance, and the entire building was covered with red brick.  

The preservation of this church is due in part to the Ladies' Aid Society, which began in 1875 and was originally named in German, "Frauen Ferein Ver Samlung." 

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