Bunce Hall

This is a color photograph of Bunce Hall, which was named after the second President of the Glassboro Normal School, Dr. Edgar F. Bunce.  Dr. Bunce began his career as a public-school teacher, then became a school superintendent, Vice Principal of the Trenton Normal School, and Director of Teacher Education in the State Department of Education.  Dr. Bunce was a popular president with the students due to his open-door policy which allowed anyone in the college to sit down with him to talk about any problems or concerns they were having.

Under Dr. Bunce, Glassboro Normal School was approved for its first graduate programs, which focused on disabled children, advanced elementary teaching, and elementary school administration and supervision. He also created a junior college program in 1946 to help serve veterans of World War II.  Dr. Bunce retired in June 1952 after fifteen years as the President of Glassboro Normal School.

Glassboro Normal School opened in 1923 with 236 students. Glassboro Normal School eventually became Glassboro State, College, Rowan College, and then Rowan University. Bunce Hall is used for administration and is currently the home of the English Department and the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies. Graduation ceremonies are held on Bunce Green and the Hall doubles as the site of the University's Tohill Theater.

Additional Images of Bunce Hall:
Bunce Hall
Glassboro State College Graduation at Bunce Hall
Bunce Hall, Glassboro State College
President Lyndon B. Johnson at Glassboro State College Graduation: Bunce Hall

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