E. L. Lacy Automobile, Bicycle Repair

Constructed in 1810 as the Olive Glassworks Company Store (Later the E. L. Lacy Automobile, Bicycle Repair), this building played an important role in Glassboro's early economic and community growth. Olive Glassworks, which was owned by Peter Wickoff and Thomas Carpenter's son, Edward Carpenter, operated from 1808 to 1813 in the former Heston-Carpenter factory. 

The Olive Glassworks Company Store (pictured above) was located on the point, between Main Street and State Street across from what is now the Landmark Americana Restaurant. The approximate map coordinates of the building are 39.706338, -75.110909

In 1822, part of the structure was repurposed as Glassboro's first Post Office. During this time, the site was centrally located within Glassboro. Across the street was the Tavern and Inn (See Franklin Inn), which was also the general location for the town's stagecoach stop. Mail was delivered to this structure from Woodbury, and residents often visited the building to pick up their mail. This building was used as Glassboro's Post Office for 44 years, from 1822 to 1860.

The postmasters serving the town in order were:

  • Daniel Focer: 1822-1837
  • Justine Millard: 1837-1839
  • Woodward Warrick: 1839-1853
  • John S. Stanger,1853-1861
  • John T. Stanger, 1861-1866 (Served at another location)

In 1850, the structure was purchased by Alfred Chew Pedrick, and the Pedrick family lived in a structure adjacent to the main building. Alfred and his wife Rebecca Down had a child named Charles. Charles later became Dr. Charles D. Pedrick, a prominent medical doctor in the Glassboro area. Later, Dr. Pedrick used the building as a billiard hall. Eventually, the property was sold to E. Linwood Lacy. 

The photograph seen above was captured in approximately 1908, and it shows the E. L. Lacy Automobile, Bicycle Repair Shop. Historian Edward H. Walton, Jr., points out that Mr. Lacy owned a Ford Dealership at this location and sold Model "N" and Model "R" automobiles. One of these cars is seen in front of the building, with Mr. Lacy standing on the porch. The lower-left corner of the sign says, "Ford Agency." After some time, it seems Mr. Lacy moved to another location. This building was then purchased by Mr. Sam Wah Lee, who operated a successful laundry for many years. The 1910 Sanborn map shows that part of the structure was used for a clothing-related business.

In the 1920s, the building was razed and landscaped. However, after all these years, a flagpole still proudly stands as a not-so-forgotten relic of the past. We believe this flagpole was installed at the time of Glassboro's first Post Office.

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