Interior of the Auditorium

This is a photograph of the interior of the Auditorium during a chicken and farming expo. The Auditorium was built in 1900 and at the time was considered a large modern facility. The building attracted large tradeshows and was a popular stop for politicians seeking to campaign in Glassboro. Three US Presidents - William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson – visited the Auditorium and gave campaign speeches to large audiences.

The back of the photograph states the image is of a poultry exhibit that took place inside the Auditorium on December 9, 10, and 11 of 1915. The building was billed as a fireproof structure; however, in 1917 a massive fire consumed the building. The structure was located on State Street across from the Academy School at the approximate map coordinates 39.704072, -75.109935

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