Glassboro Fire Company, 1947

The men of the Glassboro Fire Company, 1947. The photograph was captured in front of the Glassboro Fire Compay No. 1, which was located approximately at 15 High Street at the following coordinates 39.703036, -75.112517

Front row from left to right: Alfred Voelker, Andrew Stewart, Press Abbott, Walter Dunham, Ray Harbert, William Carter, Gordan Walton, Jr. (Mascot), Lawrence McFadden, Chris Siebert, III, John Bardolf

Middle row from left to right: Gordon Walton, Sam Reed, Yock Magee (Laurence), Robert Viden, Sr, Diggs Downer, Shirley Wilt, William Chew, Everett Buck

Back row from left to right: John Z. MacFadden, George McFadden, William Downer, Roy Davis, Emerson Ware, Art Wilt, George Schneider, Buck Cloak (Charles), Andrew Stewart Absent: William S. Ware

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