Glassboro Fire Department, 1967

Members of the 1967 Glassboro Fire Department sit for a group photo after their annual dinner and meeting.

Front row from left to right: 
George Beach, Bell Carey, Eric Sykes, Jim Lynch, George Schneider, Townsend Buck, Bill Magee

Second row from front, left to right: 
Ray Harbert, Robert L. Viden Sr, Chris Siebert III, Sam Reed, John Bardolf Sr, John Z. MacFadden, Thomas Stewart Sr

Third row from front, left to right: 
George Armstrong,Thomas Stewart Jr, John Silvestri, Louis Corradetti, Art Wilt, Nick Kilburger, Earl Custer, Frank Cloak, Everett (Tim) Sykes, Jack Lynch

Fourth row from front, left to right:
Ken Wigglesworth, Robert Viden Jr, John Keller, Leeland Meyers, Mickey Brown, Dick Adams, Lewis Kirkpatrick, Norwood McFadden

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